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What is Cloud Computing || Top Cloud Computing Websites || Cloud Computing Providers

After all, the name of cloud computing is what the name of cloud computing has come from since the beginning of 2007-08, but since 2013, the use of cloud computing has started to increase. If we go to the name of this, Cloud Computing is related to the clouds, then you are thinking right, there is a water of cloud computing computers in which you can enter information of every stratum and whenever you want it Or you can see and update the information with the help of computer, tab or mobile phone. By the way, every internet user has been using Cloud Computing and has been doing it, but Cloud Computing has been using only a small part like: - You can use the Internet from your computer, tab and mobile, Facebook, Facebook , WhatsApp, Google Dock, Outlook etc. But today cloud computing has taken a lot of form and everyone can use any app, app and data as per their requirement or need.

This change has come with the help of software that runs on the web or the Internet, not on computers. For some time before using any software, you had to download it to your computer or cell phone, after that the software could only be run on that computer or mobile phone. But today, through Cloud Computing, you can download and use any software without having to use it through the Internet, but you can keep your documents, videos, photos etc. and whenever you want, see and change them from any device. Can.

One more example of cloud computing I give to you people, to date, you need laptops or desktops to run operating systems such as Windows, Linux, OS etc. But through cloud computing you can use laptop to run any operating system. Or desktop are not needed, You can grow your hard disk and RAM losses in the cloud computing itself and you can install any application in the desired operating system installal car and you can run it from anywhere through the internet or you can You can operate the cloud computer.

Today every major company has started to provide cloud services because the upcoming time is going to cloud itself. You will do every work in the cloud even if you are at home or in the office, you just have the internet and then you have any If the device is laptop, desktop, mobile phone, TV or game console or anything running on the Internet, you can do all the work from any of your devices.

Some major companies offering cloud computing :

Google Cloud

Google gives you $ 300 to use your cloud for free for 60 days, so that you can use any of Google Cloud to suit your needs Google does not charge you any charge for this Until you upgrade your plan yourself.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft also gives you Rs.12100 / - 30 days for your service and your use, so that you can try or use any app for 30 days in Microsoft Cloud.

HP Cloud

HP then gives you 90 days (3 months) to use your cloud, in HP cloud, you can use its cloud service for up to 90 days without any problems, but you get only $ 100 per month If you use excess service from this, you have to pay it if you use it for free.

Softlayer Cloud

Softlayer also gives its cloud computing to you for free usage for 1 month. Softlayer is a company providing IBM's hosting and data center, which is a company of IBM.

Amazon Cloud Storage

Amazon is a world-leading company that sells online products, with the convenience of online shopping, it offers cloud storage for free to its customers for three months in which you can keep all your types of documents.



Dell Cloud

Lenovo Cloud

Red Hat Cloud