संवेदनशील त्वचा की देखभाल हेतु टिप्स (Care Tips For Sensitive Skin) || Tips For Protection Of Skin || Tips For Skin Protection - Rclipse Blog

संवेदनशील त्वचा की देखभाल हेतु टिप्स (Care Tips For Sensitive Skin) || Tips For Protection Of Skin || Tips For Skin Protection

संवेदनशील त्वचा की देखभाल हेतु टिप्स (Care Tips For Sensitive Skin)

Have you ever experienced any kind of changes on your skin due to a particular weather or an allergy? For example, red-red wheels on the skin, itching or irritating-scratching desire These are all signs of skin sensitivity, that is, skin sensitivity.

There is a barrier to protect skin allergy or external elements. This is the pH level of the barrier skin. The skin barrier fights with all the factors that increase the sensitivity of your skin. To work properly with the skin barrier it is necessary that the amount of moisture content in the skin is equal. Our skin comes in contact with a lot of things. Such as air conditioners, weather, heat, cold, rain, sunlight, ultraviolet rays, chemicals and dust mites etc. The pH level is 5.5 on the upper surface of the skin. This level tolerates all kinds of changes.

The hormonal changes inside the body also make the skin less or more sensitive. Skin becomes more susceptible especially during menstruation, childbirth, stress and youth. The primary reason for sensitive skin is to dilute the skin. The skin of the body is thick in some parts than other parts, but with aging, the skin becomes thin. The reason for being sensitive to thin skin is that deeper layers of skin get less protection from temperature and chemicals.

If your skin is sensitive then it is very important to know why the sensitivity of the skin has increased. Weather is the most affected on Sensititive Skin, so it should be cared for according to the weather. The first and the essential rule of protection of sensitive skin is to avoid as much as possible from beauty products, because such products are made of rigid chemical elements.

Although there are many people who did not know what kind of skin they are? Sensitive or general So let us first know which signs are they which make us feel the sensitivity of our skin.

संवेदनशील त्वचा के प्रारंभिक संकेत (Initial Symptoms of SensitiveSkin)
  • After skin shave or irritation and itching
  • Feeling strained after washing face
  • Skin suddenly become more red and acne comes out
  • Changes in weather affect the skin
  • Irritating or itching of the skin without any external reason
  • Some baths and clothes soaps are also used by which irritation of the skin
  • Premature wrinkles

इन वजहों से त्वचा होती संवेदनशील (Causes of SensitiveSkin)
  • Dirt and pollution
  • Hard water
  • Insufficient hygiene
  • Contaminated lifestyle
  • Hormone
  • Tension
  • Diet and moisture content in the skin
  • Harmful Skin Care Products
  • Clothes and ornaments
  • Home cleaner

सेंसेटिव स्किन है तो ऐसे रखें स्किन का ख्याल (Care Tips for SensitiveSkin)
  • Check-Only Use Cosmetic
  • Keep skin safe from dust and soil
  • Always wearing soft wool sweaters in the cold. Synthetic wool can be allergic to skin.
  • When buying a beauty product, look at the label, buy it only if it is for sensitive skin.
  • Use herbal and natural beauty products.
  • Apply sunscreen cream or lotion on the face before leaving the sun.
  • Do not use hard hair brushes for hair comb.
  • Avoid using soap or detergent with sharp perfume.
  • When buying perfume or after shave lotion, try spraying it on your skin. If skin is sensitized, then skin may have echings.